3 ways to master online media placement

As the spotlight shines on grabbing the attention of users in the second and third screens, general manager of Dentsu Media and Media Palette, Alice Lee, gives her two cents on what makes good content.

1. Don’t forget about forums

Though Facebook still takes the crown as the most popular online space for attracting consumers, Lee reminds advertisers that forums offer a more targeted reach.

“Facebook already offers a good targeting tool, but users are generally more interested in their friends’ behaviour rather than brands’ pushes. But when users have actively clicked on a forum of certain topic, they’re already opened to receive relevant information,” she said, adding that forums also offers more creative ad formats.

2. Mimic the user

When brands are managing their social media accounts, they should make posts that mimic the tone and manner like that of consumers. For one of their clients, Oreo, for example, the media agency made mundane posts of a hand dunking the cookie in a glass of milk or an Oreo-inspired cake.

“These are the ones we find to be quite popular,” she said. “The brands have to – in a way – ‘pretend’ to be the user. Think how they’d normally post a photo on Instagram or Facebook, and that’s how they’ll resonate with your image.”

3. Picture-and-caption wins the most Likes

While Instagram and Twitter have been going head-to-head with video offerings, the Hong Kong audience has yet to catch on.

Videos, Lee said, are only successful if they’re done as an advertorial by a popular YouTube blogger.

“So far, pictures with a line of catchy text grab the most attention on Facebook,” she said. “To be honest, I have yet to see a successful video example in Hong Kong.”