3 ways to gain brand influence amongst Gen X consumers

What influences Gen X Singaporeans when it comes to purchase decisions?

A recent study done by Brand Alliance surveyed more than 3,000 Gen X respondents in Singapore between ages of 34 and 54 years old, and found these three key factors when it came to brands these listed as their preferred ones.

Recommendations are not as important to Singapore Gen X (unless making property decisions)

Singapore Gen X are less influenced by recommendations when making brand decisions for categories surveyed, in comparison to other factors which rank high in making brand decisions. However, the Singapore Gen X consumer would consider recommendations from trusted sources from contacts when making property decisions, with one in five likely to consider recommendations when making a decision on property developers or property agencies.

Assimilation of digital immigrants

Singapore Gen X are increasingly distracted on multiple screens. While print is still highly relevant as a source of news for the Singapore Gen X, online and social platforms are rising to be preferred news sources for Singapore Gen X.

Sweet spot between price, convenience and accessibility

Both price and elements of convenience are considered in the value equation. The Singapore Gen X consumer values convenience despite being price sensitive. They tend to make brand decisions based on ease of obtaining a product or service. Elements of convenience such as location, accessibility and user-friendliness of online platforms are important factors for Singapore Gen X when making decisions in relation to price.

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