2018's list of top five Hong Kong YouTube ads released

YouTube Hong Kong has released the top five ads of 2018 Year-End leaderboard. The winning ads demonstrate creative storytelling skills by brands, telling stories that move people emotionally. IKEA Hong Kong's engaging story of a local family's life came out on top, with imaginative and locally-relevant ads from MTR Hong Kong, Somersby Hong Kong, Bank of China Hong Kong, and CSL Mobile Limited rounding out viewers' top picks for the year.

Here is a look at the top five ads videos that had Hong Kong viewers entertained and hooked.

1. IKEA Hong Kong

IKEA Hong Kong’s video takes the top spot of the leaderboard. It showed the humorous side of parenting as it featured “two kids” in a family - the father and the son. The story led viewers to weigh in with their perspectives on the family.


Brand: IKEA Hong Kong
Creative agency: Metta Communications
Media agency: Mindshare Hong Kong 


2. MTR Hong Kong

MTR’s YouTube video ad takes second place. It made people smile by capturing the genuine responses of kids when asked what comprised the daily work of their parents at the MTR. Parents also shared interesting experiences and touching moments that happened at work to allow audiences to have a greater understanding of what working in the MTR is like.


Brand: MTR Hong Kong
Creative agency: The Tank 
Media agency: CMRS


3. Somersby Hong Kong

The third entry on the list is Somersby Hong Kong’s ad, featuring an upbeat Somersby apple cider song with easy-to-remember lyrics, which featured people singing and dancing along with popular actors Lam Suet (林雪) and To Siu Kiu (杜小喬).

Brand: Somersby Hong Kong
Creative agency: DDB Hong Kong
Media agency: MediaBrands Hong Kong


4. Bank of China Hong Kong

Bank of China Hong Kong’s video ad follows in fourth place, which showcases iconic local scenes and stories that inspired the artwork on its recently released new bank notes.


Brand: Bank of China Hong Kong
Creative agency: OVAL Design, GAIA Communications
Media agency: Strategic Venture 


5. CSL Mobile

CSL Mobile’s brand campaign ad video made it to the fifth place spot. It ties in with the trend that consumers are becoming more goal-orientated and wish to make use of every second of their days. The ad featured popular actors Gordan Lam (林家棟) and - yet again on this list - Lam Suet (林雪), demonstrating that with CSL's network, they can achieve more life goals.


Brand: CSL Mobile 
Creative agency: Uth Creative Group 
Media agency: CruiSo Digital Solutions