ICAC closes in on TVB executives

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has charged TVB general manager Stephen Chan Chi-wan and two others with corruption and conspiracy six months after they were first arrested.

Chan, along with two defendants Tseng Pei-kun, director of Idea Empire Advertising and Wilson Chan Wing-shuen, TVB's head of business development of marketing and sales, will appear in Eastern Magistracy next Tuesday to defend the charges.

Chan and Tseng both face two counts of conspiracy for an agent to accept bribes. Each also faces two alternative charges of agent accepting an advantage and offering an advantage to an agent respectively.

The two corruption charges allege that between July 2009 and January 2010, Chan and Tseng conspired together for Chan to accept a total of about $127,000 from IEAP. In return, Chan was said to have participated or performed in an event and a show, which were related to TVB's business or affairs.

Another charge alleges Chan and Tseng of conspiring together to defraud TVB and artistes of TVB between January and February 2010.

ICAC said they are alleged to have falsely represented that the attendance of the artistes at an event was to show support to Chan for the release of his book.

"They however concealed and did not disclose the fact that the event was arranged by IEPCL under sponsorship from a business corporation, with obligation to invite some of the said artistes to attend the said event."

The remaining charge alleges Tseng and Wilson Chan of conspiring together to defraud TVB between September and December 2009.

They are alleged to have dishonestly misappropriated $550,000 from $5.2 million due and payable to TVB from a business corporation under a commercial contract, by dishonestly and falsely creating a service agreement between TVB and IEAP whereby TVB was to pay $550,000 to IEAP.

TVB suspended Chan earlier this year but has yet to comment on the latest developments.