10 YouTube Lunar New Year ads that grabbed Malaysians' attention

With Lunar New Year just around the corner, YouTube released a ranking containing the 10 most popular and viral Year of the Pig-themed YouTube ads that entertained Malaysians in the past week and a half.

1. Ambi Pur Malaysia

While it is common to wish family and friends a prosperous Lunar New Year this festive season, one should not forget about "inviting prosperity" into one's car. Ambi Pur Malaysia's festive ad wants consumers to "let freshness invite prosperity" this Lunar New Year using its car air freshener. The ad amassed 2,954,201 views and 28 likes at the time of writing.

2. Celcom

Although Celcom's ad was rolled out in December 2018, its message of unity and harmony still resonated with netizens ahead of the Lunar New Year. The video had 1,528,593 views and 343 likes at the time of writing.


Yee sang, the symbol of abundance and prosperity, is the centrepiece of every Lunar New Year meal. In its latest festive ad, CIMB tells consumers how the most meaningful traditions are not the ones done perfectly, but the ones done together. Its ad garnered 3,255,693 views and 205 likes at the time of writing.

4. EcoWorld Malaysia

EcoWorld Malaysia urges consumers to celebrate age-old traditions in new fashion and treasure the time spent together with family members. The ad had 2,103,481 views and 38 likes at the time of writing.

5. Malaysia Airlines

The two-and-a-half-minute video titled "The Spirit of Hospitality" not only displays the essence of Malaysian Hospitality, which is integral to the Malaysia Airlines (MAB) experience, but also highlights the importance of reunion this Lunar New Year. MAB's YouTube ad garnered 2,683,423 views and 4.5k likes at the time of writing.

6. McDonald's Malaysia

McDonald's is back to satisfy consumers' cravings with its Prosperity Burger. What better way to celebrate prosperity this Lunar New Year than a juicy chicken or beef patty topped with fresh onions? This spot had 9,550,576 views and 2.3k likes at the time of writing.

7. Mister Potato

Mister Potato's animation depicts how a crab is able to bring prosperity to the villagers. By eating its chili crab potato chips, consumers will also be blessed with prosperity this Lunar New Year. The spot had 8,033,405 views and 164 likes at the time of writing.

8. Pizza Hut

In line with the theme of unity and harmony, Pizza Hut Malaysia wants consumers to set aside differences and celebrate as one this Lunar New Year. Additionally, it is also putting a modern twist to a traditional recipe with its Krabby Cheese pizza. The ad had 3,688,164 views and 252 likes at the time of writing.

9. RHB Group

The latest video in its "Challenger Series" features renowned professional gamer Chai Yee Fung, also known as Mushi, who made the bold decision to pursue gaming as opposed to the more traditional career paths. Titled “Belief”, the video was done in collaboration with FCB Kuala Lumpur and had 2,593,043 views and 465 likes at the time of writing.

10. Watsons Malaysia

In the spirit of harmony, Watsons Malaysia is encouraging Malaysians to put aside their differences this coming Lunar New Year to celebrate a #HappyBeautifulYear together. Developed together with Naga DDB Tribal, the campaign features celebrities including Amber Chia, Pink Tan and Han Xiiao Aii and social influencer Justin Ng. It had 3,737,707 views and 6.1k likes at the time of writing.

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