10 YouTube ads Singaporeans watched in second half of 2017

Google Singapore has revealed its YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the second half of 2017. The list showcases a list of top 10 ads that Singaporeans were watching from July to December 2017.

Key themes observed this year include gadgets such as smartphone ads, minimovies and vivid graphics. According to Google, this reflects the eclectic mix of ads on YouTube and the creative use of content by brands and agencies to win attention and drive action.

Three of the 10 ads on the leaderboard launched new smartphones into the market, with the iPhone 7 taking the top spot, while the Xperia XZ1 took the second and Samsung Galaxy Note8 took sixth spot.

Cinematic storytelling was also a theme observed in the leaderboard, with LEGO and Nutella utilising this storytelling method in their ads.

Another theme observed is the use of star power, as seen in the iPhone 7 ad featuring global celebrity Johnson and the use of social media influencer Aarika Lee, who is not only featured in Royal Caribbean’s but McDonald’s ad as well.

Lastly, the use of colourful graphics and illustrations was also a trend observed in 2017. Singapore Airlines used an unconventional way of demonstrating in-flight safety through the use of scenic landmarks across Singapore. Meanwhile, MySkillsFuture employed moving infographics to introduce and navigate its portal.

1. iPhone 7 — The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day — Apple

Taking the top spot is an Apple advertisement for its iPhone 7 which features celebrity Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson running errands with the phone's Siri assistant function. This saw Johnson accomplishing a myriad of tasks such as delicately trimming a small bonsai plant, to catching a plane and then piloting it and changing its route and restoring a mural in Rome, using Siri to manage his packed schedule. The ad garnered 521,882 views at the time of writing.

2. Xperia XZ1

Next up in the ranking is another phone commercial, this time for the Sony Xperia XZ1. The commercial showcases the phone and its various features in action such as super slow motion and predictive capture. The 33-second ad also showcases where Singaporeans can buy the new phone and the telcos Sony has partnered up with, namely Singtel, StarHub and M1. It garnered 443,669 views at the time of writing.

3. Royal Caribbean #RCIFAMILYFIRST

Taking the third spot is Royal Caribbean which prefaces the video with the question "What does family mean to you?" to various interviewees. This is coupled with the statistic that nine out 10 people feel that they do not spend enough time with their families.  The one minute ad garnered 427,992 views at the time of writing.

4. New In-flight Safety Video | Singapore Airlines

Coming in at fourth place is Singapore Airlines which created a new in-flight safety video, which takes viewers on a panoramic journey across various locations in Singapore, beyond the traditional space of an aircraft cabin. The video was a result of a bilateral agreement between SIA and Singapore Tourism Board. The video garnered 909,426 views at the time of writing.

5. Nutella Christmas Tales | The Enchanted Little Tree

Next in the ranking is Nutella's Christmas animated spot which showcases a lonely Christmas tree walking down the an empty street. The tree, along with an abandoned puppy, is then welcomed into the home of a woman. The spot concludes with special Christmas-themed designs of Nutella jars along with the message to "Spread a little joy with Nutella". The video garnered 181,607 views at the time of writing.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note8: Official Introduction

Taking the sixth spot is yet again another smartphone advertisement - this time for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. The video serves as an introduction to the smartphone, showcasing features such as its S-Pen and how the phone fits in with everyday life. The spot garnered 26,122,280 views at the time of writing.

7. The Breakout Bunch - LEGO City - Mini Movie

Next up is an ad for the LEGO featuring "The Breakout Bunch" which plot to rob a bank, which takes on the format of a mini-movie. The trio eventually get caught for the bank-robbing attempt. The video garnered 2,686,529 views at the time of writing.

8. The perfect Summer day – LEGO Friends - Mini Movie

Another LEGO ad takes a spot on the ranking, this time an ad for LEGO's Friends series which also takes the form of a mini-movie. The ad showcases LEGO characters having fun at the beach from day time to night time. It garnered 6,240,317 views at the time of writing.

9. How can MySkillsFuture help in your skills and career development?

Coming in ninth place is SkillsFuture, which put together a spot to promote its MySkillsFuture service. Taking on an animated infographic format, the video gives tips for job-seekers on how to utilise the service and stay relevant in their respective industries. The video garnered 118,059 views at the time of writing.

10. McDelivery – Anytime, Anywhere

Making it to 10th place is McDonald's which created the spot to tout its McDelivery service. The colourful video takes on a music video format along with a composed jingle on the McDelivery service. The video garnered 452,121 views at the time of writing.