10 sec is what it takes to create social media sensation

Skincare company Have & Be has teamed up with GPB Shanghai and created a series of 10-second short videos to promote “10 sec”, the brand’s latest skincare lotion for men.

The skincare market has long been dominated by female. Though small, the market of the male counterparts has been growing over the years. Have & Be saw the potential in the male grooming products and launched 10 sec, an all-in-one lotion targeting specifically at young Chinese men.

Men often find themselves having better things to do than taking care of their skin. 10 sec, as suggested by its name, differentiates itself by streamlining the seemingly complicated skincare routine to just 10 seconds.

To promote the new product, the brand invited Steve Back, former COO at Ogilvy Australia and Singapore, to direct a collection of 10-second videos where men of different sizes and backgrounds perform comical skits, including parodies on the iconic music videos of Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus.
These videos have soon taken over WeChat in China.

Ellene Choi, marketing director of the brand said the product makes it perfect for guys who just want to invest 10 sec and be done. “These short videos show that you really can do the right thing in just 10 sec.”

According to Alvin Lim, creative chairman at GPB, these skits are intended to convey the message that users will be able to live out their amusing, strange, imaginative ideas and simply be themselves after using 10 sec.

Client: Have&Be.Co
Marketing and creative director: Ellene Choi
Creative agency: GPB Shanghai
Creative chairman: Alvin Lim
Director: Steve Back, Brilliant Films Australia
Managing director: Catherine Law
Principal of art & design: Gary Li
Chief editor: Andrew June
Creative director: Chris Petersen-Clausen
Planning executive: Miley Yan
Production company: Brilliant Films, Australia And Rong Win, Shanghai
Executive producer: Stephanie Ceccaldi, Brilliant Films, Australia
Producer: Dylan Zhong, Jacqui Ku, Sammi Yao
Director Of photography: Joseph Chang
Editor: Judy Lo
Colorist: Devin Wang
Online artist: Josen Wu
Music composer: Hank Lee

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