10 most engaging brands on FB and Instagram across the region

Socialbakers has revealed the top 10 most engaging brands in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand across both Facebook and Instagram. According to the social media marketing company, brands that are able to delivery quality, engaging content stand to generate brand advocates and increase organic reach.

However, creating engaging content is no easy feat with social media’s meteoric rise in popularity as a marketing platform increasing marketers’ difficulty to cut through the noise. Below are the brands that went against the odds and outperform in the first half of 2019.


In Singapore, the travel and hospitality industry dominated the Facebook charts, securing four out of 10 spots. On Instagram, the retail and e-commerce industry saw the most interactions. Notably, across both platforms, Viu Singapore managed to retain its middle position within the top 10. Singapore Airlines, meanwhile, has a much stronger presence on Instagram as compared to Facebook.

Garnering the most interactions on Facebook in Singapore is Shilla Duty Free, which received more than twice the number of interactions as compared to its closest competitor, Pioneer Car Rental. In travel and hospitality, Rendezvous Hotels took the lead with a total of 674,234 interactions.

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Oh! Media is the definitive leader of the pack on Facebook, having almost four times as many interactions than the next brand in the list, JOOX Malaysia. Fashion brands that made the list are all based in Malaysia. On Instagram, fashion and retail make up most of the most engaging brands. Vivo Malaysia is the only electronics brand in the top 10.

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When it comes to Indonesia, on Facebook, the top three brand are mostly all local, indicating their content might resonate better than those of international brands due to having better understanding of the local landscape, said Socialbakers. Sorabel is the clear leader in engagement, having almost one million more interactions than the second on the list, MR DIY. Smartfren is one of the few telecom companies in the region that made it to the top 10 in terms of engagement.

The top three brands on Instagram are rather even in terms of engagement rate as compared to Facebook, with Super Soccer TV leading the way. None of the top brands on Facebook made the list on Instagram. The top 10 brands on Instagram, with the exclusion of Glints Indonesia, are all online retailers.

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The top three most engaging brands in Thailand are close in terms of interactions on Facebook, led by Lenso Wheels. Uniquely in Thailand, auto brands (Lenso Wheels & Raiden Tires) make up two of the top 10 most engaging profiles. On Instagram, there is a rather even distribution of interactions at the top level of brands within the list. Retail brands dominate the top of the list (led by Ari Football), followed by eCommerce (4U2 Cosmetics).

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