10 jobs that didn’t exist 5 years ago

The past one to two years have seen the local market push forward into digital even more.

In a recent interview, MasterCard’s head of marketing Sam Ahmed highlighted the urgency of strong digital talent for marketing. “The days of only "the digital people" thinking and handling digital are numbered. The war for digital talent and digitally savvy talent will keep heating up, affecting business as usual and salary banding if you want to attract top staff,” said Ahmed.

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Industry watchers have long reiterated the need for digital staffers - and a new study by LinkedIn has shown what businesses were urgently hunting for.

With the exception of two of these 10 being from the fitness sector (it looks like businesses are also in desperate need of Zumba instructors – go figure!) here are the roles in digital, companies are desperately looking for.

Here’s how LinkedIn came up with the results:

“We counted the frequencies of all English words and phrases used in job titles that were held in 2013 and compared the results to job titles that were held in 2008. We then took the top titles that saw the largest growth in frequency in that 5 year period and ranked them by their relative size in 2013.

“Big data” and “cloud services” were the root phrases used to determine frequencies for “big data architect” and “cloud services manager” (which had many permutations, e.g. “big data architect/analyst/engineer” etc.). For simplicity’s sake, the titles you see above were used as examples. Data is current as of November 26, 2013," explains a note in the study.

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