10 jobs in China you probably haven’t heard of

As an international city, people from around the world come to Hong Kong to do business and work. Although the talent we have in Hong Kong is considered quite diverse, it is nothing compared to the huge and booming market in China.

Here are the 10 quirky jobs in China that most professionals probably haven’t heard of, as reported by mainland magazine qkzz.net.

1. Smeller

The job description is simple yet, smell and report what you got, but only those with ultra strong sense of smell will be able to win the job. Smellers need to go through vigorous training to distinguish the difference between fragrance from flowers, fruits and unluckily sweat.

Smellers are hired by manufacturers of nail polish and deodorant to improve the smell their products. Some of the items or body parts that they need to smell on a daily basis include armpits, feet and diapers.

2. Dog food taster

It is impossible to get dogs to report on what they think about the taste of their food, so human is being hired to advise how to enhance the flavour of dog food. They also need to have knowledge on the nutrient needs of dogs.

3. Identify the sex of chicks

The job is to look at the private parts of countless number of new born chicks and separate the male from the female.

4. Online shopping price slasher

The rule is that they get 20% of the amount they are able to slash as commission.

5. Breakup representative

They are hired by men or women who are too timid to say “it’s over”.

6. Hotel test-sleepers

People are hired to test-drive cars, based on the same concept, hotels hire people for a stay and write detailed reports about their experience.

7. Marriage saver

Candidates are required to have law and psychology background. Their job is to convince the mistress to give up and to save the client’s marriage.

8. Marriage registrar for pets

While not recognised by law, pets in China can actually get married to each other.

9. Hugger

Nobody would mind getting a little support in today’s stressful work environment.

10. Professional audience

They are actually professional actors. They laugh heartily, cry loudly and pretend to enjoy shows – regardless of how entertaining they are.

This article was originally published in Human Resources Online.

Image: Shutterstock