10 emotional ads that tug at the heartstrings

They say the most effective way to advertise is to appeal to audiences emotions and this is echoed by brands across the globe in many different ways.

BrainJuicer has unveiled the top emotionally charged ads from around the world, with four in top 10 from Asian countries including Thailand, Japan and Philippines, according to the research firm’s inaugural chart Global FeelMore50.

This year’s Asian winner, “Unsung Hero” from Thai Life Insurance, developed by Ogilvy & Mather Thailand, portrays an emotional journey of sadness and happiness for a man and his kindness.

This year’s Asian winner, “Unsung Hero”, is the latest in a series of unashamedly emotional ads from Thai Life that dates back over a decade – well before any recent global trend for “sadvertising”. The ad’s director, “Tor” Sornsrivichai, has been described as “the most awarded ad director in the world”, and is perhaps the global king of emotional advertising.

All the FeelMore50 seduce rather than persuade and make people feel something strongly. The second best Asian ad, P&G’s documentary-style “Pampers Mom’s 1st Birthday”, created by Beacon Communications, gives Japanese moms an emotional surprise and perfectly follows up on P&G’s hugely successful 2012 “Thank You Mom” campaign.

The third best ad in Asia was made by Y&R Thailand for DTAC, a phone network provider. Breaking with the traditional industry standard to boast about features, coverage, and deals, DTAC’s bold ad instead emphasizes emotion and subtly reminds its audience of the connections it can make.

And of course, we can’t exclude the pioneer of emotional marketing, The Coca-Cola Company, and its “Coca-Cola The Happiest Thank You” campaign in Philippines, which lands on the ninth spot, with the help of McCann Erickson Philippines.

Here the rest of the winning ads from the top 10.

No 1. Le Trefle, by Leo Burnett France:

No 2. Turkish Airlines, by Lowe Istanbul:

No 3. Anheuser-Busch InBev, by Anomaly:

No 7. Nike, by Wieden+Kennedy Portland:

No 8. The Coca-Cola Company, by Santo Buenos Aires:

No 10. PepsiCo, Goodby Silverstein & Partners:

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