10 buzzwords to completely avoid in 2016

We all love a good buzzword (some more than others), but lately the industry seems to be awash with mostly pointless and meaningless jargon. Here are 10 words (and stock photos) we think you should avoid to save yourself and the English language from any further embarrassment.

Breaking down silos
A favourite among business consultants and disruptive thinkers, these three words are perhaps better left to those whose goal is to overwhelm you with pointless business jargon and charge you bucket loads of cash while doing it.

Going forward
Are you having a great day, going forward? Just another pointless and inane phrase you should avoid like the plague.

Thinking collaboratively
This term has infiltrated nearly every cube and conference room of an advertising agency at some point. But let’s just put it to rest.

Brand expressions
We asked around the office, but no one could give us a meaningful description of what it actually means.

Customer centricity
If you’re in marketing and not already focused on your customers, then something is seriously wrong.

Platform agnostic
We’ve all been platform agnostic at one point or another, right?

This term refers to the process of creating new ideas, but do we really need to name the process? We think not.

A trending new suburb in the Western districts of Hong Kong Island, perhaps?

Expedia智遊網與網絡紅人達哥合作的電視廣告將於5月22日首播 (1) - 1MB
Kings of Leon? Nope, not an abbreviation for the band from Nashville Tennessee, but a description for Hong Kong’s growing love of key opinion leaders.

Core competency
A concept in management theory, core competency should be avoided at all cost as it may have the ability to ensure dullness and blandness become part of your corporate culture.