Social media makes its mark on PR

Upstream Asia has launched a platform for social media PR releases called Views Release, as part of Viewpoints, a proprietary tool for clients.

Paul Mottram, chief operating officer for Upstream Asia, said Viewpoints has come about as the market is changing fast in a couple of ways particularly the internet, which has an impact on journalism and media as a whole.

He said markets looking for alternative marketing strategies had made it tougher for some sections of the media.

The dynamics of communications is also moving rapidly from the traditional "one-to-many" broadcast model to the "many-to-many" model of the conversation economy.

Additionally, online communication channels such as social media and blogs are creating alternative communication channels challenging the traditionally influential role of print and broadcast media that sits at the heart of most PR strategies.

All these factors have assisted in the disruption of traditional PR, and forced agencies to think of new strategies.

"Interruption marketing gets less return. Storytelling - to engage people in two way communications - that's the future of marketing communications," Mottram said.