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Infographic: Breaking down luxury shopper behaviour on Twitter for marketers

Infographic: Breaking down luxury shopper behaviour on Twitter for marketers

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Revenge spending. It’s a real thing. And we’ve all done it. In the world of luxury and fashion, the past year has seen fashion lovers shedding their work-from-home sweats as they head on out and about with normalcy somewhat returning in most markets. Luxury fashion customers, specifically, are hungry for top-notch quality and the finer sides of life.

Luxury fashion audiences have spent the last year sprinting from boredom and are now searching for ways to live life to its fullest. Brands must now to them with immersive brand experiences, such as virtual clothing try-ons, online events, or physical stores that are social media-worthy.

In a report by Meltwater and Twitter, it is seen that these consumers are tweeting about spoiling themselves with luxury fashion as they prep for special occasions and long-awaited events and nights out. On Twitter, luxury and high-end fashion conversations grew more than other top-performing fashion topics, like athleisure and fast fashion.

luxury fashion mentions

fashion twitter evolution

What’s driving this conversation?

The answer seems to be fan communities, where luxury and high-end fashion conversations are driven by celebrity collaborations and brand ambassadors, especially K-pop stars.

The highest spike in engagement occurred on 8 July 2021 thanks to Louis Vuitton Tweets promoting designer Virgil Abloh’s Fall-Winter 2021 fashion show featuring Korean boyband BTS. Together, those three Tweets, which included campaign photos of select band members, garnered more than 179,000 retweets and reached 9 million people.

Meanwhile, 57.2% of all luxury fashion Tweet authors are actors, designers, and models. Singers and producers made up 16.5% of luxury fashion Tweet authors, while bloggers and writers comprised 16.1%.

The top professions of leading authors were determined via an analysis of Twitter user bios by the Explore platform.

twitter luxury high end

Across nine million mentions of luxury fashion keywords and brands generated and engaged with by more than three million Twitter users, luxury fashion consumers can’t stop talking about events.

"Fashion show" was one of the most popular phrases mentioned within Tweets, according to the keyword cloud from this query.

In the APAC region, luxury fashion netizens are particularly eager to connect over high-concept, branded, short-form “fashion films” and live fashion shows.

purchase influence factors

Resale was another hot topic, as shown by the popularity of the phrase “out this listing” paired with links to e-commerce sites such as Poshmark and Depop. Based on our consumer insights analysis, luxury fashion customers are driven by their desire for interconnectedness. This may be what draws them to social media, which influences their buying decisions more than the general global audience.

According to the study, the best way to reach luxury audiences across the world is to localise content to closely engage with different segments of the audience. On the flip side, fashion shows and films enable audiences to feel more closely connected with their favorite brand ambassadors via a purchase.

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