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Live 'Shoppertainment': The next big thing in campaigns?

Live 'Shoppertainment': The next big thing in campaigns?

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‘Shoppertainment’, a blend of eCommerce and entertainment, is the latest thing that brands are beginning to incorporate into their campaigns.

The rising trend aims to injects fun into a traditional eCommerce experience, making it more engaging for the consumer and to encourage sales. Through it, brands stand to gain consumer attention as well as the ability to re-engage with existing customers through entertainment-first content that inspires and integrates consumers back into their respective online purchasing pathways.

With its huge potential, its no wonder that TikTok and Boston Consulting Group found in a 2022 study that ‘shoppertainment’ bears the potential of being the next US$1 trillion opportunity for the APAC region. In fact, the study deemed it to be the fastest growing opportunity across the APAC region.

While online ‘shoppertainment’ efforts seem to be succeeding such as though TikTok Live or Facebook Live, more brands have started exploring taking their efforts offline. Now, live ‘shoppertainment’ is gaining traction and opening up new revenue streams for brands as the get to engage with a greater consumer base with content and entertainment-driven commerce.

For instance, earlier this year, Lazada transformed Kuala Lampur’s Jalan Bukit Bintang into a fashion runway for its exclusive fashion show, "Koleksi Raya LazLook" after it found that fashion was one of the most popular search categories on Lazada Malaysia.

Recently, skincare brand Sulwhasoo also partnered with Lazada to promote its new line of products. However, the live execution allowed for customers to experience a world of Korean heritage, art, and beauty. Han-sook Lee, the senior vice president of Sulwhasoo's GTM Division, said that the collaboration with Lazada enabled the brand to connect with highly discerning beauty customers present on the platform in Southeast Asia who seek authentic brand experiences.

Considering the uptake from eCommerce platforms and its rise in popularity across the region, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE decided to speak to adland players to find out the merits of this form of campaigning and what brands stand to gain.

Justin Ong, commerce director at Ogilvy Singapore, noted that ‘shoppertainment’ is indeed the new frontier of brand engagement. A powerful tool that has gained traction in its ability to build emotional connections between brands and customers, ‘shoppertainment’, according to Ong, is highly effective in addressing customers’ expectations.

He also referenced Capgmini’s survey which revealed that emotional engagement drives stronger loyalty and higher lifetime value among customers. As a result, with its focus on personal and entertaining content, ‘shoppertainment’ provides customers with what they desire from a shopping experience.

Agreeing with Ong, Leela Nair, the CEO of Ebiquity APAC noted that 'shoppertainment' allows brands to connect with customers in a more personal and engaging way. “It's interactive and informative at the same time if done well and is a good strategy to drive engagement and even sales in some categories like beauty and fashion,” she added.

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However, 'shoppertainment' is not where it ends when it comes to brand marketing. Nair highlighted the fact that 'shoppertainment' must only be an additive to other marketing tactics.

“'Shoppertainment' plays a great role in driving brand awareness but can only be used alongside other media tactics,” Nair said.

True enough, it is not at all a one-size fits all execution and brands need to know when they will succeed and when they will not as well as what some best practices are to increase traction.

How can brands succeed at their 'shoppertainment' efforts?

Immersion into the experience is at the core of any successful 'shoppertainment' stint. To effectively participate in 'shoppertainment', brands must approach it systematically and strategically.

“It starts with identifying target audiences, to understanding touchpoints and finally, content preferences. A clear purpose for utilising 'shoppertainment' should be established, informing influencer selection, content creation, and mechanics that resonate with the audience,” Ong said. Thereafter, rigorous planning, technical setup, and performance analysis are vital for seamless execution.

However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of live 'shoppertainment'. For one, it is not a readily available and accessible option, which by definition of being a live execution, does not allow for it to be milked for its potential, according to Ong.

While it offers numerous benefits, including emotional customer connections, authentic brand experiences, and opportunities for viral content creation through user-generated content (UGC). However, “it might require a substantial initial investment, as each brand's mechanics and content are tailored to their specific audiences,” Ong said. Despite this, 'shoppertainment' has proven to positively impact business performance and brand experiences and its benefits remain.

'Shoppertainment' firstly streamlines the user journey, bringing together the focus of social media channels and eCommerce onto a single platform, Ong pointed out.

Additionally, it presents an exciting opportunity for brands to engage with their customers through entertaining shopping experiences. “By leveraging the power of emotional connections, authenticity, and immersive content, brands will create meaningful, memorable and impactful relationship with their customers.

As 'shoppertainment' continues to evolve, it is poised to reshape the future of social media channels and eCommerce, providing a seamless and engaging platform for customers to connect with their favourite brands,” he added.

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