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Reuters expands on its video content capabilities

Reuters has launched Reuters Partner Marketplace, a service offering clients fully-licensed high value video content from a range of specialist providers. The launch partners include Next Media Animations, Hollywood.TV and Rumble.

According to a press statement from Reuters, the new Reuters Partner Marketplace allows clients to “enhance their storytelling and stand out from the competition.” Covering topical stories and footage of breaking news events as they happen, the offering provides content complementary to Reuters output, giving a different angle on topical stories.

Being the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, Reuters also guarantees that all partners are handpicked to ensure authenticity and accuracy, and cover an array of topics, including animated news content, celebrity news and viral videos.

Next Media Animations offers informative animated news, science and innovation explainers. Hollywood.TV is a top celebrity news provider which sources for all the latest celebrity gossip and videos. Rumble delivers social video news from around the world, with over 13,000 creators contributing to a portfolio of over 80,000 social and viral videos.

Hristo Guertchev, senior product manager for Reuters, said “Reuters Partner Marketplace will help our clients enrich their coverage, save time and resources and access a growing pool of content, all through our easily accessed and dependable web-based delivery platform Media Express.”

Guertchev also added that the company also selected each partner to ensure that content is relevant to the needs of news organisations globally and plans to add new partners over the next few months to further enhance its offering to clients.”

This latest offering adds to a growing range of end-to-end solutions that Reuters News Agency provides to digital publishers and broadcasters. Additional services include Reuters-TIMA locations services, which brings clients access to studio facilities and editorial and logistical support worldwide, and Reuters Live Service PLUS – the first service to offer up to four simultaneous live feeds to clients.

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