MyRepublic launches marketing blitz for public awareness

Soon-to-launch telco MyRepublic has already started its marketing initiatives, coming into the second quarter of the year.

The broadband provider announced that it was handing out a 1,000 free SIM cards which will be loaded with unlimited 4G mobile data for a limited period of three months starting from August. The SIM cards allow users to access unlimited 4G for services such as WhatsApp and Viber.

In a conversation with Marketing, a spokesperson from MyRepublic said that the SIM card hand-out is primarily a call for public participation.

“It is aimed at giving its current subscribers and the general public a “chance to be part of its mobility bid,” he added. The response so far from the public has been overwhelming and positive, the spokesperson explained, as many have flooded its social media and call centres with queries on how they can get their hands on the free SIMs.


Broadband provider MyRepublic to give out 1,000 free SIM cards as it makes its play for the fourth telco licence here as…

Posted by Simon Lam on Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to become one of the trial user for the 1,000 free SIM cards for MyRepublic’s mobile trial, appreciate if MyRepublic can provide any link to sign up for the trail service

Posted by Ace Jimmy on Sunday, April 26, 2015

However, when asked about the criticism some members posed on the small number of SIMs handed out, the spokesperson explained that while it is understandable that many would like the trial to be done on a larger scale, it would not be feasible at this point.

“We’d like a group of focused trial users to help test-bed both our network solution as well as IDA’s requirements for the HetNet trial,” he explained. Meanwhile, the marketing team is also currently busy banking on a number of major marketing initiatives lined up this year for the mobility bid he added.

Currently the telco is not working with agencies and has an internal marketing and creative team. However there are plans to bring in agencies should the team wish to embark on “particularly large scale projects or exploring markets it may be unfamiliar with,” the spokesperson added.

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