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Mindshare APAC appoints chief investment officer

Mindshare Asia Pacific has appointed Michael Beecroft to the role of chief investment officer (CIO), effective 1 January 2018. In his new role, Beecroft will drive Mindshare’s trading and investment strategy for the region, leveraging GroupM’s advantages of scale.

Beecroft will be working closely with the trading teams in Mindshare and GroupM in all local markets, ensuring the agency offers its clients access to local inventory, tools and data. He will also work with regional media, data and tech partners to ensure Mindshare’s multi-local trading strategies are combined with regional and global offerings.

He will also be responsible for the accountability teams to ensure Mindshare continues delivering the trading and pricing commitments it makes to clients. His responsibility also includes driving the supply side of Mindshare’s Adaptive Marketing proposition, which includes the establishment of the new performance marketing FAST Hubs.

Beecroft has 20 years of experience in digital and media investment, having spent the last 15 years at MEC, now known as Wavemaker after the merger, across various senior local, regional and global positions. He previously held the roles of chief investment officer and global head of digital trading at MEC Asia Pacific. During his time there, he successfully led clients across major categories in their evolution towards a more future-focused media investment management, along with value creation.

“I’m tremendously excited to have the opportunity to both stay within GroupM and join such a power-house of an agency, one of such scale, but also continuously working towards leading industry change in media and technology,” Beecroft said.

“Beecroft joins us at a time in which the role of a CIO is in tremendous flux. No longer are the conversations about the lowest CPRP, but rather there is a complex and evolving discussion about the true value of media, which includes numerous factors including viewability, partnerships, measurement technology, and dozens of other variables, which need to ladder up to business results for our clients,” Ashutosh Srivastava, CEO, AMEA, Russia and CIS, said.

“His deep knowledge of digital as well as offline channels, keen business sense, and Asia experience make him the ideal candidate to lead our trading teams in the region,” Srivastava added.

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