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hk express

HK Express names its aircraft after Bruce Lee

In tribute to the martial arts icon Bruce Lee, Hong Kong-based airline HK Express has named its fifth A321 aircraft (aircraft registration number: B-LEE) “Siu Loong” (the English transliteration of Bruce Lee’s Chinese stage name).

“We named our fifth A321 aircraft ‘Siu Loong’ as a tribute to Bruce Lee and as an inspiration for travellers to embody his fighting spirit in transcending cultural borders,” said Andrew Cowen, director and CEO of HK Express.

“Our Facebook campaign has received a tremendous response as many fans shared their favourite Bruce Lee quotes – a true testament to his lasting legacy as the city’s first mega international movie star, martial arts icon and philosopher.”

Local artist Stephen Au, well known for his admiration for Bruce Lee, helped to kick-off the aircraft naming celebration by performing the kung fu legend’s signature moves and sharing one of Bruce Lee’s quotes that have inspired him.

To celebrate the first flight of the “Siu Loong” aircraft on 21 September, guests will receive a souvenir bearing Lee’s signature battle cry “Wataaa!”.

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