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Zeno Group and Origami Logic partner up

Zeno Group and Origami Logic has entered a global partnership offering brands the ability to manage the increasing complexities of navigating and managing marketing performance data.

The partnership allows brands to draw real-time actionable insights by consolidating, refining, and analysing marketing signal data across paid, owned and earned media channels.

Zeno Group’s chief digital officer, John Kerr said, “Brands need to optimise at every opportunity to drive efficiency of marketing dollars. With this partnership, they can get an unprecedented view into all their ongoing campaigns deployed over a multitude of online channels. This is probably the single most important step in closing the widening gap between data and insights and get the best possible value from marketing spends.”

Opher Kahane, CEO and co-founder of Origami Logic said, “The explosion of marketing signal data and the availability of the data science to refine and interpret these massive data sets is enabling performance-driven marketers to become much more data-driven in how they execute successful campaigns across an increasingly fragmented media and channel mix. Moving to a continuous cycle of campaign execution and optimisation enables changes to be made throughout the course of a campaign to deliver a higher return on marketing spend and objectives.”

“Our partnership with the Zeno Group allows continued delivery of enhanced measurement and insight capabilities to brands looking to connect with customers and respond faster to their engagement moments across channels,” he added.

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