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Your localised daily football fix

This is a sponsored post by Media Prima Digital. 

Football is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most anticipated sports in the world with research showing that half of the world population are interested in football and one fifth of them actually participating in the sport. In fact, Malaysia is one of the emerging markets that is ranked among the top 10 in both interest and participation.

On top of the highly anticipated English Football League and European Football League, Malaysian soccer fans will also gather to watch and support local football matches such as Liga Super, Piala FA and Piala Malaysia. These fans will navigate their way to their neighbourhood mamaks and hang out with their friends in a sports bar or even stay at home in the comfort of their couches to catch up with the football matches live.

Unfortunately, some football fans find it difficult to watch the matches live or to get live updates on-the-go because of late night work engagements or overseas travelling. The challenge here then lies in providing these football fans with live updates regardless of time and location, especially since they do not have access to live feed from local TV stations.

To overcome this challenge, we developed the “Kita Juara” app which aims to provide users with a comprehensive coverage of local football matches and updated match feed without requiring them to download a large-sized app. Currently, the app size is less than 40MB, which encourages more downloads as it doesn’t not take up much space in the user’s device.

The app is positioned to focus on the local football scene because we realised that football fans in Malaysia are proud of the national football team and are also looking for localised content. This gap in the market has not been bridged yet and although Malaysia’s football team has not yet reached international standards, there are instances in their track record that are noteworthy, such as the goal scored by Mohd Faiz Subri that made headlines across different news platforms. As such, we at Media Prima Digital are setting ourselves apart from our competitors by focusing on local sports event. Essentially, we want this app to bring Malaysians together to celebrate the wins and support local sports.

We also extended the functionality of the app by integrating content with other major local sports event such as the recent 2017 SEA Games Kuala Lumpur. We are also looking to integrate more sports content in the future.

Currently, this app allows users to watch snippets of different sports (i.e. badminton, squash, diving, etc.), browse SEA games news articles (sourced from Harian Metro), view the daily game schedule and obtain updates on the current results and medal tally. The integration of the SEA Games Kuala Lumpur 2017 segment on the Kita Juara app would allow users to be updated on the highlights and statistics of this prestigious sports event with just one click of a button.

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