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You Find to sponsor Customer Engagement HK conference 2017

You Find Limited will be the official silver sponsor for Marketing‘s iconic Customer Engagement Hong Kong 2017 conference in Hotel ICON.

Scheduled for 13 September 2017, the conference gathers industry experts and top executive speakers to keep marketers on track with the latest trends and insights in customer engagement. Other than officially sponsoring the one-day event, You Find, the one-stop shop digital marketing agency, will also share their experience in social media, search marketing, online reputation management, as well as international and China outreach.

“Customer engagement is at the heart of what we do when we partner with brands and businesses to help them navigate marketing in the digital world. It’s a topic we are passionate about, because we have to strive for positive customer engagement in our everyday work,” said Jeffrey Chu, director at You Find.

Admitting that it’s challenging for marketers to capture and gain consumer insights based on real-time data analysis, Chu said it’s essential for the agency to “do things in creative and innovative ways”.

“Digital has influenced our world and our lifestyles, and it’s more difficult to gain customer attention due to their shorter attention spans,” he explained. “That’s why we need an evolved methodology to engage consumers.”

Customer Engagement Hong Kong 2017 conference is on its fifth year to uncover insights of engaging, and eventually building loyalty customers.

This year’s conference will build on last year’s success, delving deeper into the current issues such as the role digital plays in crafting a seamless customer journey, as well as personalising loyalty programmes with marketing automation.

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