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Yahoo migrates blog to WeShare

Following the closure of Yahoo Blog in early August, Yahoo has migrated more than 4,000 bloggers with some one million posts to a new platform

Created by Mediaon, the site, which officially launched last month, is off to a strong start, attracting 30% new arrivals since its launch. But the first order of business, according to Mediaon director Jerry Chan, is to reserve the data in Yahoo blog and to retain bloggers.

“As a user generated content (UGC) platform, we conduct regular blogger gathering and events to keep them in the loop. We also refer bloggers for corporate events with beauty brands including Beauty Glow, LPG and Dr.Ci:Labo, in order to link up merchants with our bloggers,” said Chan.

To further promote the site, will also partner with content distributors to share blog posts on digital, print, out door and also online channel starting early next year.

A “bloggers graduation” event will be hosted at late December to introduce the new site.

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