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WPP partners with Ozonetel to improve its mobile marketing offering

WPP’s Communications agency tenthavenue has partnered with cloud communications telephony company, Ozonetel, to build the new version of Electra, the mobile marketing platform catering for developing markets.

The new partnership will see the development of new features and improved capabilities on top of the existing Electra platform – a single technology stack through which advertisers can deliver mobile asset formats through USSD, SMS, interactive voice response and compressed video routes across 150 countries.

Combining the Electra platform capabilities with Ozonetel technology will allow brands to utilise enhanced mobile marketing capabilities. These include measurement of consumer behaviour and engagement levels in real time, consolidation and delivery of value exchange mechanisms, and the delivery of personalised content and messaging to the consumer through an advanced logic engine.

Sudipto Roy, tenthavenue CEO for emerging markets, said, “We are improving Electra and embedding it with the ability to drive ‘value exchanges’ with the consumer, taking them a few steps closer to actual sales and loyalty than traditional approaches do.”

Anurag Banerjee, growth advisor for Ozonetel, added: “We are a product-centric company, much like Hubspot and our solutions enable hundreds of companies to manage personalised communications with their customers. We are excited to now extend this support to WPP clients.”

Rupert Day, global CEO for tenthavenue, said, “This deal is an incredible leap forward for brands operating in developing markets who understand the value in reaching consumers with optimal personalised content.”

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