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Why the Hong Kong Tourism Board should give this guy a job [WATCH]

It won’t come as a great revelation to say that Hong Kong has an identity crisis.

With Beijing’s shadow becoming increasingly present, widespread political and social unrest about the future of this great city has left many wondering what’s next.

Stuck in the unfortunate middle of this quagmire is the Hong Kong Tourism Board, a body which has been a strong advocate of Hong Kong’s interest, but in recent years has largely failed to grasp the core of what brand Hong Kong should represent.

Following yesterday’s extraordinary announcement that HKTB will spend a whooping $56 million on digital and influencer programs over the next financial year, we were again left wondering why such a large sum of money would be placed in the hands of others to define and represent the city on the global stage.

Social media will form a large part of HKTB’s digital marketing strategies, with TripAdvisor to consolidate all of Hong Kong’s related content and hyperlinks to its website

Readers of Hong Kong Free Press would have noticed a new video being shared like crazy across social media over the past 24 hours. Called Hong Kong Strong, it’s fair to say it might be one of the best and most honest snapshots of Hong Kong we have seen in years. HKTB could learn a lot from its creator Brandon Li, AKA RunGunShoot.

If you have a moment to watch this seven minute epic, it’s well worth the time. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this important issue. Leave a comment below if you’re moved.

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