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Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper goes gaga for Intel

Technology developer Intel has partnered with Jim Parsons, more popularly known by his onscreen geek persona Dr.Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory, for its latest ad.

The 30 second ad – titled ‘In The Lab with Jim Parsons’ – follows Parsons, who embodies the character of the quirky Dr.Cooper, as he sneaks into Intel’s secret lab. He then discovers the latest Intel RealSense technology, which is the brand’s new 3D technology that will soon allow users to scan objects in 3D, control devices with gestures, refocus after taking photos and allow for many more exciting initiatives.

Much to his disappointment, however Dr.Cooper’s little adventure is cut short when a security guard kicks him out, warning him to not divulge what he has seen.

Of course, Sheldon never listens.

Watch the ad below:

According to AdWeek, the ad was conceptualised by Intel’s new agency McGarryBowen who selected Parsons after looking at over 60 celebrities.

Marianne Besch, executive creative director, McGarryBowen, reportedly said: “Parsons’s enthusiasm was so genuine and real. When he actually saw the technology he became the embodiment of it.”

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Written by Prasanthi Ram 

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