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WATCH Maurice Lévy’s #TheVeryGoodWishes for Publicis Groupe’s staff

Publicis Groupe has released its latest seasonal annual wishes video starring none other than Maurice Lévy.

A tradition that began as a simple recorded message from Lévy to the Groupe, has since 2008 become a yearly asset rooted in creativity, innovation and technology. The character every year remains the same – Maurice Lévy in his office with his wishes for the New Year.

This year “The Very Good Wishes” takes a new gamified approach as it allows viewers for the first time to control the YouTube video on the desktop with the smartphone/tablet as the joystick. By syncing the device to “The Very Good Wishes”, viewers can gain control of a carnival claw swinging around Lévy’s office as he gives his speech.

The aim of the game is simple – agilely trap the stuffed animals around his office, helping Lévy wrap them up. With each catch, viewers will see the item slide seamlessly from the desktop to their mobile, wrapped up and ready to be shared on social media.

The message objective? “The more we work together, the better we do.”

Viewers also get a personal glimpse into Lévy’s personal belongings and other hidden items around his office –his beloved candy jar, lamp, phone, Cannes Lion or other items – unlocking extra surprises in the video. Move the claw too much or too far, or even catch the Maurice Lévy himself, and you will be in for a surprise.

Take a look:

The technology for the video was developed by DigitasLBi France and is made up with 290 sub videos, creating the interactivity of the experience. The video was ultimately launched after a month of tests and engineering. Meanwhile, Lévy’s office was recreated in 3D to test the behavior of the clamp before the shooting.

This year, Publicis Groupe will also be making a donation to the children served by Make-A-Wish, an organisation that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Here are some more fun facts about the video:

– More than 1,000 stuffed animals were present during the shooting (none of them were harmed).
– The storm scene finally succeeded at messing up Lévy’s hair.
– The musical signature of the wishes is the same used in “The More The Merrier,” re- orchestrated in a fun-fair style.
– This is the first ever Publicis Groupe wishes that is both an interactive video game and a charitable experience.
– There are a total of 30 items to catch in Mr. Lévy’s office, and none of which are hidden catches.

DigitasLBi France/LostBoys
Mathieu Morgensztern – President
Laurent Nuyen – Executive Creative Officer
Nicolas Thiboutot – Creative Director
Frederick Lung & Philippe Pinel – Creatives
Chisato Tchisuya, Victor Miellin – Art Director
Emmanuel Azouvi – Graphic Designer
Amélie Cruchet, Sarah Coutin – Communications Manager
Alexandre Koch – Head of Interface Development
Brice d’Annoville – Interface Development Director
Branislav Popovski, Antoine Trebuchet – Technical Project Manager
Loup Rodolphe Thibault, Loic Lalevée, Gabriel Slama – Interface Development Coders
Regis Despres – Third Party Manager
Louis Blaise, Olivier Dubocage – Production
Jérémy Vissio – Motion

Pierre Marcus – President
Laurent Sequaris – GM & producer
Thierry Delesalle – Producer
Charlène Plozner – Production Officer
Matthieu Royer – Realisator
Carine Cottereau – Post-Production Officer Animation VFX
Fabien Cornec – Sound Designer

Publicis Groupe
Peggy Nahmany – VP, Communications Director
Sabrina Pittea – Communications Coordinator
Lindsay McCallum – Communications Officer


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