WATCH A slow, slow year for CNY ads

Is it us or is it particularly quiet this Chinese New Year? We’re not going to make any assumptions, but perhaps the time span between the Western New Year and the Lunar New Year is too short.

The TV ads that did show up on our radar also pale in effort against last year and years prior.

Check out some brands’ 2014 CNY ads.  Subtitles available.

Coca Cola
Never failing to impress, Coke paired its classic can popping, bottle opening sound effect to family gathering. Check out the food spread.

Eu Yan Sang
Tear jerker ads continue to live on. Eu Yan Sang shows its customers how the pursuit of dreams can strengthen the bonds between family members.

Tesco Malaysia
Win big at Tesco, apparently. This brand promoted CNY through #ongmali campaign, where its customers can win cash vouchers.

Themed ‘Getting Together’, McDonald’s pushes its prosperity burger via an out-pour of questions.

Brand’s ambassadors get tailed and followed by a Chinese character (福) meaning blessing in this year’s promotion.

Yeo’s calm approach with minimal tie-up to the festivities until the very end strikes a perfect balance between overkill and undersell.

Julie’s Biscuit
The longest ad on the list, Julie’s repeats the ideology of family and making right choices through a series of characters and scenes.


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