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Ubisoft Germany creates documentaries for gamers

Ubisoft Germany has an innovative way of promoting its new game, Tom Clancy’s The Division – with a three-part docu-style series that explores the dramatic plausibility of the game’s fictional plot in real life.

The agency behind the document series is R+I Creative, a newly-launched Hong Kong and Singapore-based advertising agency. It collaborated with Vice Media.

The creative agency came up with the brand narrative for the documentary series, “Into Chaos”, which explores themes beyond the game. It aims at showing the credibility of Tom Clancy’s The Division game, its story, and the various scenarios.

Within the context of the game world, each 13-minute video implicitly questions how viewers will react and prepare within such an anarchic state, and what factions they would find themselves in.

R+I took interviews with game developers, experts in bio-terrorism, national security and survivalists from Berlin and New York City, to reveal the clear and frightening parallelism between the game and the reality in which recent crisis like Ebola or MERS were in all consciences.

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