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Uber and Topshop partner up for a free shopping spree

In conjunction with Fashion Week, Uber and Topshop Topman has partnered up for an activation which gives customers on-demand shopping sprees.

It will see Uber ferrying select customers for a free shopping spree at the retail brand’s flagship store. The goal of the campaign is to provide a memorable experience to riders and was rolled out on all owned channels including social, key opinion leaders as well as on-demand activation. According to an Uber spokesperson, no agencies were involved in the activation.

On 29 October 2016, Uber users can participate by requesting for “shopping” in the app. If the shopping experience is available, an Uber will arrive for a free ride to ION Orchard where the shopper can get a new outfit with a SG$150 voucher.

Along with a voucher, users will also receive an exclusive fashion gift box which includes an Uber travel umbrella, Topshop lipstick or Topman socks, Topshop or Topman mesh bags, a fashion magazine and a free Uber ride home after shopping.

Uber Topshop

In addition to the campaign, vouchers will also be made available for Uber users who hitch a ride to ION Orchard and show their receipts to Topshop cashiers.


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