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TVB launches live streaming app to win back audience, ad dollars

Broadcaster TVB will launch a new social live streaming app dubbed “Big big channel” (大台網) next month in a bid to engage younger, internet-savvy viewers and create more advertisement revenue.

Claiming its new digital platform is different from the other apps, “Big big channel” combines traditional TV, social platform and live streaming in one which taps artists, singers and KOLs from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan to upload live broadcast programmes so that fans and followers can interact with them anytime.

The television station held a ceremony with over 100 TV stars to announce the launch yesterday.

Felix To, deputy general manager of TVB’s programme and production division, said about 300 artists would host live-streaming programmes on the platform, allowing them to promote their latest TV series, share stories behind the scenes, and update their fans on their everyday life. Viewers can also post instant comments on the live broadcasts and send virtual hearts and flowers to their idols.

“The platform will create more room to place advertisements,” To said, explaining that products or services appearing on the shows could be a source of additional revenue, SCMP reports.

Officially launching on 23 July, TVB looks to reach three million subscribers to “Big big channel” in the first year.

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