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Tune Talk picks social media ambassador

Telco services provider Tune Talk has introduced, ‘Mat Tune’, as its social media ambassador in its efforts to better engage its subscribers and fans particularly on Facebook and YouTube.

‘Mat Tune’ a beefy puppet character was created by YouTube user ‘tropicgang’ who posted a video on YouTube dedicated for Tune Talk’s second birthday.

The video highlighted Tune Talk’s single subscription plan with the character singing an original song ‘Who Like Confuse’ that interjected the features of the talk plan into the song.

The video which has had over 24 thousand views to date caught the eyes of Tune Talk’s CEO, Jason Lo and chairman Tony Fernandes who then decided to bring the creators of the video on board as their social media ambassador to create content and interact with fans on Tune Talk’s different social media platforms, under the persona of Mat Tune.

‘Mat Tune’ has already begun posting mini videos on Tune Talk’s YouTube page where he addresses fan comments, talks on current issues in Malaysia and offers rewards to Tune talk fans.

Creator ‘Tropicgang’ who wishes to remain anonymous has signed on to create more ‘Mat Tune’ music videos, which will be released monthly from now until December 2011.

A spokesperson from Tune Talk told A+M the response from fans has been positive with an increase in number of fans on the Tune Talk Facebook page registered since Mat Tune’s involvement with the brand began.

Mat Tune will be incorporated in all of the brand’s future marketing campaigns, such as Rock the World, Jackie Chung and ESPN Formula Drift Asia.

Tune Talk’s CEO Jason Lo said: “Mat Tune now is building his popularity and career since his “Who Like Confuse” music video became viral on YouTube. We have many interesting things planned for them.”

“Social media has become a key channel of communication and that is why we have decided to hire ‘Tropicgang’ a.k.a. Mat Tune. We would like to use this new discovery to engage our fans with content that is relevant to them regardless of whether they are our subscribers or not.”


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