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Top HK ads on YouTube for Q1 2018 announced

YouTube has announced another round of the top ads on the video platform that Hongkongers loved the most. And humour, as always, was a big hit. Google and YouTube are often secretive about how these ranking are achieved, but we’ll have to trust them do their homework – and if views are any indication, these ads all have views in the hundreds of thousands – not counting any views they may have garnered on other platforms such as Facebook, or when actually served as ads, rather than an uploaded video.

This quarter, the top 5 ads that caught Hong Kong consumers’ attention include: HSBC Hong Kong’s humorous ad driving excitement for the Rugby Sevens; MTR’s stunning documentary about the Kennedy Town preservation project; OSIM HK’s fun Cantonese banter promoting their massage chair; puns and wordplay with Betadine HK’s throat medicine ad; and Nike’s Choose Go catching the attention of Hong Kong millennials.

1.  HSBC generates excitement for Rugby Sevens with team spirit and fun costumes

In the lead-up to the annual Rugby Sevens tournament in Hong Kong this year, HSBC Hong Kong ran a successful ad with strong messages of teamwork and enthusiasm of fans dressed in fun costumes. It’s hard to look away from the contrast of athletes’ rigorous training versus fans’ commitment in fun costume. Once again, humor plays well with the international audience of the tournament.

2. MTR creates stunning documentary series about community partnerships

MTR Corporation shared some of its community-focused initiatives in a crafted documentary series, one of which outlines its efforts to preserve the banyan trees by the Kennedy Town MTR station during the time of building. Featuring interviews with community influencers as well as aerial shots of the city intertwined with nature, MTR Corporation reaffirms its commitment to Hong Kong through stunning visual storytelling and a story that reaches the hearts of Hong Kongers for whom these trees are an essential part of their lives in the city.

3. OSIM HK touts the joys of the multitasking during down time for busy Hong Kongers

Through a light-hearted and humorous series of skits, OSIM HK’s ad for their versatile OSIM 8變小天后 shares the value propositions in a way that’s relatable to all Hong Kongers. In this winning ad, 2 artists chat about the time-saving aspect of the OSIM massage chair in demonstrating the multiple positions and different use cases: whether it’s watching TV or enjoying a facial mask. The quick pace of their banter keeps this ad fresh in consumers’ minds.

4. Betadine HK uses Cantonese wordplay to make a memorable ad

Using a play on words between “crazy” (din1) and “dine” (short for Betadine), the ad makes it sticky for Hong Kongers next time they come across both words in their daily lives. The light-hearted humor and short-and-sweet messages kept consumers engaged and informed in just 30 seconds.  

5. Nike shows the power of sport and community combined

In an engaging scenario that is powered by Nike’s innovative storytelling, the world has stopped revolving. Their global solution? To all start running together in one direction to make it turn again. Faulty physics aside, the premise allows Nike to show a fun and energizing story showcasing many globally-known influencers and names, as well as their latest line of athletic footwear. They added Chinese subtitles to the ad, fully localizing this universal story to the HK market.

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