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TIk Tok

Tik Tok ban in Indonesia lifted after one week

The Indonesian government has overturned its ban on video-sharing platform Tik Tok, following a ban from the communication and information ministry on 3 July 2018.

The move also follows after the company vowed to comply with rules and regulations to make its platform more appropriate content-wise. This includes potentially raising the age limit for users on the platform and bolstering its content moderation team with more hires.

According to The Jakarta Post, Tik Tok is also planning to create more programs to engage content creators to showcase its long-term commitment in Indonesia. Tik Tok is also working with the government, local communities as well as other parties to create ideas and programs.

These programs focus on matters such as digital development, empowering women, protecting children and cybercrime, the report added. This is in a bid to facilitate important issues for the development of the internet industry, Nan Zhang, Tik Tok Indonesia CEO said in a statement to the news outlet.

Tik Tok will also work with the Information and Communication Technology Watch (ICT Watch) to host online and offline programs to increase literacy and promote internet content which is safe and educational. In addition, the company is currently in discussion with the Indonesian Child Protection Commission. This is to create programs which offer safe, healthy and educational online experiences for young Internet users.

Marketing Interactive has reached out the communications ministry and Tik Tok for comment.

Following the banning of Tik Tok last week, communications minister Rudiantara said that the ban is temporary and will be lifted after Tik Tok can guarantee the non-dissemination of inappropriate content. At the time, a spokesperson for the brand explained that plans are also underway to make the platform more child-friendly, including working with NGOs to create education content that is customised and tailored for children.

Tik Tok was not the only platform to get into trouble with Indonesia’s government over inappropriate content found on its platform. In March, Indonesia’s communications ministry blocked access to Tumblr, a popular microblogging site, for pornographic content, said multiple reports. The move followed complaints of alleged indecent content.

The ministry informed Tumblr to remove the immoral content from its platform within 48 hours but did not receive a response, leading the former to block eight of Tumblr’s Domain Name Servers. The ministry also tweeted that it received reports regarding “immoral content” and added that Tumblr lacks the tools to report immoral content.

WhatsApp also came under fire last year from the ministry for indecent content found on its GIF function. However, the threat was dropped after the company complied with its demands, Reuters reported.

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