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The Pawn

The Pawn cooks up a grand reopening

To welcome the reopening of The Pawn at the end of October, Press Room Group has launched a social media campaign with a set of three online videos launching in the next three weeks, and a hashtag #IMWORTHTHEWAIT to build anticipation for the reopening.

Working with local creative agency Mackintosh & Lee, the first teaser video, released yesterday, featured Michelin-starred British chef Tom Aikens, the restaurant’s culinary director, among other key figures involved in the project, including Press Room Group co-founder Alan Lo.

“The Pawn is a much-loved dining institution in Hong Kong,” explained Tom Watkins, Press Room Group’s director of sales and marketing.

“To generate interest in the reopening, we’ve created a series of three videos staggered over a three-week period.

“Each one will provide new insights on The Pawn’s new menu, design and direction. The initial teaser video introduces the #IMWORTHTHEWAIT meme; the second focuses on The Pawn in terms of the Wan Chai community; and the final clip will provide an overview of The Pawn’s new direction.”

Media duties of the project are also being handled by Mackintosh & Lee.

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