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My Teksi rides with Future Sound Asia

My Teksi has partnered Future Sound Asia for the inaugural Good Vibes Festival 2013 on 17 August at Sepang F1 Circuit.

In a deal that was sealed in June 2013, My Teksi will be providing discounted taxi services to the venue to youths attending the festival.

My Teksi will also set up a booth within the festival grounds to usher passengers to designated taxis located at specific area.

“Events like Good Vibes is exactly what My Teksi was made for. It is essentially a good time with good friends and music. But before and after is a hassle. Driving home at 2am even while drowsy and dropping off friends is enough to kill your Good Vibes buzz. My Teksi offers a solution to safely get to the event and arrive home at all discount with the rebate,” said Cheryl Goh, regional marketing head of My Teksi.

For taxis booked more than two days in advance using the app, the users will get a flat rebate of RM25 from any destination.

The rebate will be promoted via EDMs, social media and press releases from 12 to 17 August to raise awareness among the targeted hip people who will be attending the festival.

At the festival, My Teksi will be giving out free My Teksi Green popsicles, as part of its collaboration with a homegrown brand The Potong Artisan Pops, to serve not just easier travel but also fuller stomachs.

Established locally in July 2011, My Teksi is the official ride for TEDxKL for two years running and also GAB’s Drink Sensibility campaign which spans multiple events. The company is also in talks with other event organisers for similar partnerships.

My Teksi app has been downloaded 200,000 times and aims to reach 1 million by year end.

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