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Rugby 7s

Singapore Rugby 7s partners StubHub for secure ticketing experience

StubHub’s ticketing portals can be accessed by fans allowing countries to buy tickets to the HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s. The portal supports 36 currencies and can be accessed in more than 20 languages. Once the tickets are purchased, they will be directly sent to the buyers’ email inbox, thus, ensuring a smooth and trouble free buying experience.

“StubHub is committed to connecting people to inspiring live experiences wherever they are, whenever they want,” said Javier Corbacho, head of business development for StubHub Asia-Pacific.

“Through our partnership with HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s we will enable the buying and selling of tickets in a safe and secure way that makes it possible for fans in nearly 50 countries to enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in the world, he added”

Low Teo Ping, chairman of Rugby Singapore said, “The HSBC Singapore Rugby 7s tournament isn’t just about the rugby,” added Low. “It’s an always on entertainment package that allows fans to enjoy two fun-filled days. In Singapore, visiting fans can try enjoy delicious cuisines, amazing shopping, vibrant nightlife and the island’s other attractions, alongside the rugby”

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