Strongbow Apple Cider goes on the move

Strongbow Apple Cider is making heads turn by using two and three dimensional effects that is sure to make an impact.

Working with Moove Media for this campaign, the signature Strongbow Apple Cider bottle is showcased on the sides and rear of a single deck bus, with the neck of the bottle extending beyond the bus’ roof to create a two-dimensional “giant” effect. As the cider is made from about 50 different varieties of apples from England and France, about 400 apples, made of Styrofoam, were displayed in 10 aluminum crates, each about 60cm long, 40cm wide and 30cm deep at the top of the bus.

It took Moove Media, which worked with SapientRazorfish Singapore on conceptualisation, about one month to produce all 2,000 apples and 50 crates and install them on five buses. The ad has been running on SBS Transit buses since November last year with the campaign slated to end on 31 March 2017.

Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media said: “We are thrilled to tie up with APB Singapore to launch this advertising campaign. It allows Moove Media to showcase what we can do. The 2D bottle complements the 3D apple crates, and together, they command attention and create a more impactful impression.”

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