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SMRT Media unveils new packages

SMRT Media has unveiled its latest initiatives where advertisers can get onboard with the company’s latest fleet of double decker buses from December onwards.  In a press statement, SMRT said its latest fleet of double decker buses will allow “for double the exposure and double the impact, non-stop, all throughout its 18 hours on the road, as it plies the CBD and Orchard routes.”

The package prices will be available from this month onwards.

Also to  increase productivity and reduce paper wastage, SMRT Media has also become the first OOH company to roll out e-sign from December – its first digital signature solution is aimed at allowing agencies and advertisers a quicker turnaround time, better audit, and contracts management.

The initiatives were unveiled when local OOH media company SMRT Media celebrated its 10th anniversary with its Oktoberfest themed party on 16 Oct 2014 at Brewerkz Singapore Indoor Stadium. More than 200 advertisers, agencies and business partners attended the event, and were treated to given 10th anniversary media credits, treated to one-day only deals on its interactive e-commerce space iMOBShop, and privy to more than SG$500,000 worth of giveaways.

Here are some photos from the event:


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