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SingTel focuses on cyber security offerings

SingTel and Akamai Technologies have paired up to offer cloud-based cyber security solutions to enterprises in Asia Pacific.

Using this solution, SingTel can pre-emptively scrutinise, detect and block DDoS threats before they reach the targeted web services. The partnership will leverage Akamai’s globally distributed Intelligent Platform to deliver Akamai’s solutions for an enhanced customer experience.

This partnership will help companies strengthen their ability to cope with the volumetric and application types of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and other malicious web attacks. DDoS attacks are committed by cyber criminals who stealthily command unrelated PCs and servers, often in different geographical locations, to saturate an enterprise’s bandwidth in order to overwhelm it.  This can overload the enterprise’s servers, networks, info-communications platforms and applications, and severely disrupts normal operations and causes financial losses.

William Woo, managing director, enterprise data and managed services, SingTel said: “Enterprises today deploy mission critical applications such as enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, cloud-based applications and Unified Communications across wide area networks and the internet. While these applications help enterprises to be more productive, agile and cost efficient, they also render enterprises more vulnerable to cyber attacks such as DDoS.

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