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Singapore Cancer Society encourages Singaporeans to ‘Give Up For Good’

The Singapore Cancer Society and independent advertising agency Up & Up collaborated to launch the 2017 edition of Give Up For Good, which encouraged smokers to willingly donate any number of fresh cigarettes.

The value of every fresh cigarette collected during the campaign was matched or multiplied by sponsors, including Gardenia, Lotte, Pokka and TSK Foods, in terms of food items and household necessities for cancer patients and their families. The campaign collected 2,774 sticks of cigarettes with a street value of SG$1,664.40, which is almost 40% more than its original target of 2,000 cigarettes.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson for Up & Up said it plans to make Give Up For Good an annual event and hopefully a movement. On why the campaign worked with Gardenia, Lotte, Pokka and TSK Foods, the agency stated that it approached companies that were able to provide food items and household necessities to cancer patients and their families in need.

“Each stick they donate is matched or multiplied in food items and household necessities for cancer-stricken families by sponsors like Gardenia, Lotte, Pokka, TSK Food. Every 10 sticks we collect represent a bag of rice. This year, our target was to collect 2,000 cigarette sticks, with a street value of $1,200. We are very heartened that we exceeded our expectations by nearly 40% and smokers who were moved by our initiative gave up 2,774 cigarette sticks worth $1,664.40 for good,” Grace Tan, assistant manager, Singapore Cancer Society.

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