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Sime Darby Property celebrates 40th anniversary with musical extravaganza

Sime Darby Property marks the celebration of its Subang Jaya 40th anniversary with the running of a social media campaign and exclusive collaboration with artist, Joe Flizzow.

The campaign, which took off in March and will run until June 2016, is aimed at amplifying Sime Darby Property’s story of developing sustainable communities and celebrating lives in Subang Jaya through the delivery of a pioneering and innovative digital campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and digital ad networks.

Sime Darby Property appointed Malaysia’s well-known artist and Joe Flizzow, to engage with the population of Subang Jaya to co-create a music video in conjunction with its 40th Anniversary. The social crowd sourcing across digital platforms allowed the community of Subang Jaya of all ages to share their own Subang Jaya stories on social media allowing Joe Flizzow to create a song and music video for the township.

The campaign call out reached over 1.6 million users on social to date that drove comments in the hundreds where users shared their personal stories of Subang Jaya. These stories were shortlisted and will be woven into an exclusive song dedicated to Subang Jaya.

Through this campaign, Sime Darby Property will potentially be the first developer in the world to produce a crowd-sourced music video for a township that will be utilising the latest 360 degree technology that gives viewers total immersion from their mobile devices.

Sime Darby Property further amplified the music video collaboration through a partnership with Spotify, a popular international digital music provider, creating Malaysia’s first crowd sourced playlist to engage with people of Subang.

Sime Darby Property managing director, Dato’ Ir Jauhari Hamidi said, “This is indeed a breakthrough for Sime Darby Property as we look at pioneering innovations in view of a challenging economic climate. Our engagement with the communities we develop plays a key role in instilling the trust and confidence of our customers. Our collaboration with a renowned artist like Joe Flizzow who is also a business entrepreneur is in sync with Sime Darby Property’s mission in promoting Subang Jaya to a myriad of generations to come.”

As part of the Subang Jaya 40th Anniversary celebration, Sime Darby Property and Joe Flizzow will also be organising a live music video shoot and party on 15 May 2016 which is expected to attract fans aged from 17 – 45. The music video and song will be unveiled on 20th May 2016 across multiple media platforms.

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