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Severe drops in food campaigns

Though almost all industries experienced an advertising cut after the holidays, all media had a year-on-year growth: newspaper stood out with a 20% growth, the highest YOY increase among traditional media while mobile skyrocketed with a seven-fold increase to HK$38 million.

Interactive ads, meanwhile, reached HK$225m with a YOY growth of 13%.

The banking and investment services industry dropped to the second place for the third time this year – with HSBC boasting the largest YOY growth of 16% followed by the Bank of China at 12%.

Institutions specialising in personal loans and mortgages, on the other hand, have been more aggressive: PrimeCredit and Konew Finance Express, for example, accelerated 2.3 times YOY.

The cosmetics sector remains on top with Lancôme as the most advertised brand taking up 47% of the adspend of L’Oreal Group, followed by P&G’s SK-II.

On the other end of the spectrum, the food industry fell off the top 10 list with a mere YOY increase of 14% with chocolate and candy campaigns dropping by 36% and 7%, respectively.

Though Facebook has always been the preferred venue for social media marketing in Hong Kong, January to May of 2013 saw 20% of links from online ads directed to Facebook – a two-fold-plus YOY increase from last year’s 9%.

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