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Satami says bra size doesn’t matter

It’s fair to say that the letters of the alphabet often have more intrinsic meaning to women when it comes to bra size.

Satami, a local-based lingerie brand known for functional underwear, is trying to redress this deep-rooted concept via a new campaign that reveals women’s love-hate relationship with their cup size.

Developed by Dentsu Hong Kong, the “Perfect In Your Way” campaign engages eight women with different cup sizes in a five-minute video to share how they feel about the size of their breasts.

Participants were asked to share their views based on a list of personal questions related to breast size without knowing another woman with different size was listening behind a partition.

The video launched with a 30-second version on TV.

“Our branding effort started off last year with a micro film promoting our ‘love and care for women’,” Raymond Lee, marketing manger at Satami Hong Kong told Marketing.

“This campaign continues this brand message to resonate with audiences via real stories told from a local woman’s perspective, in order to break through the norm that lingerie companies in Hong Kong often use white women to front their brands.”

While Asian women are becoming more self-conscious about their body shapes, the concept of functional bra doesn’t even exist in Western culture, he said.

“There shouldn’t be any beauty standard as the definition of ‘better breast shape’ varies for different women. This echoes to our products that are deigned to fit different types of female body shape and to cater to the various needs of our customers.”

“We hope to send a message that every woman is beautiful in her own way.”

The shooting lasted 16 hours, Lee said, and “there were laughter and tears”.

“Through the production our team has learnt a lot more about women as well.”

The brand-driven campaign runs with a series of charitable initiatives on a Facebook application starting this Wednesday, including a mini game that will see HK$1 donated to the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association per video shared.

The initiative is promoted online via videos featuring a list of celebrities and KOLs about their views on beauty, including Helen To (杜如風), Eman Lam (林二汶), and Lilian Kan (簡幗儀).

Helen To:

Eman Lam:

Lilian Kan:

The campaign runs until the end of December.

Client: Satami
Creative: Dentsu Hong Kong
Media: Satami in-house team

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