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Prudential’s 29th SEA Games ad pushes the boundaries with parkour stunt

As an official partner of 29th SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur this year, Prudential Malaysia recently launched a campaign in conjunction with the games as it prides itself as “The Proud Supporter of Dreams”. The company is pledging its commitment in line with the nation’s efforts to host the best games yet.

Prudential Assurance Malaysia CEO, Gan Leong Hin exclusively told A+M, the campaign is focused on the importance of supporting “the hopes and dreams of our nation by igniting the feeling of pride and confidence in the athletes of our country.”

He added, “We recognise the value of a dream. And this year we stand with Malaysia to carry, support and protect the dreams of our nation.”

Conceptualised by its creative agency Naga DDB, the ad titled “Keep it Lit #PRUDreamSupporter” features a stunt runner leaping from building to building within the streets and lanes of Kuala Lumpur, an action we doubt many have seen in the city. It also includes some back flips and Jackie Chan worthy stunts, plus a fight scene with a giant 20-feet Effigy monster.

Other guests who appear in the ad include current Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, national triple and long jumper Kirthana Ramasamy, national paralympic archer Hasihin Sanawi and national discus thrower Irfan Shamshuddin.

The full version of this three minutes film is available on YouTube and Facebook, while a shorter 30 seconds clip is now broadcast on TV channels such as ASTRO (Ria, Prima, AEC, Hua Hee Dai, AXN, FOX Family Movies, AWANI, Arena Super Sports, Shuang Xing, Quan Jia, Xi Yue, KBS World, Diva, Food Network, FOX Movie Premium, History Channel, KIX, Life Inspired and TLC). The ad will run until 26 August 2017.

The shorter film is also showing on TGV Cinemas, Golden Screen Cinemas and MBO Cinemas nationwide until 12 July, while Prudential will showcase its longer version in TGV and MBO nationwide from 22 June to 28 June 2017.

The three-minute ad above was posted on YouTube on 22 May and has gathered more than 24,400 views so far.

Alvin Teoh, executive creative director of Naga DDB Tribal said the agency sold an idea to Prudential Malaysia that it did not think the insurance company would buy.

“Being a key sponsor to the coming Sea Games, we suggested a torch run on top of buildings where the runner had to face all sorts of obstacles, from monsters to ‘ninjas’ who would try to put out the flame. The idea was pretty simple – the flame represents our hopes and dreams, the route is our journey in life, and the obstacles from buildings to monsters to ninjas etc are the things that try to snuff out life (such as diseases, accidents, inflation, fear and uncertainty) and the flame protector is Prudential,” Alvin Teoh, executive creative director of Naga DDB Tribal said.

Teoh added:

It just fascinated me that an insurance agency, known for wholesomeness and playing it safe, would buy an idea like that.

As the nation gears up towards the hosting of SEA Games 2017, Prudential added that it aims to create more touch points to spur the nation into rallying together to support the dreams of athletes as they compete on the world stage.

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