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Pixels wins Fast Growth Awards at Spark Awards 2016

Pixels has won gold in the Fast Growth Award at the 2016 Spark Awards. The Spark Awards celebrates Hong Kong’s top media companies and their work across the fields of content, client engagement, new media and programming initiatives.

The agency’s Gold Award is in recognition of its accelerated growth in business, audience and brand awareness of its Mobile Ad Marketplace.

Asides from the fast growth award, Pixels also won campaigns as below:

• Silver: Best Event: Fashion Walk x Spotify Found the Sound
• Silver: Best Use of Technology: Carlsberg x Izzue Fitting Room using 360 Photo VRical
• Bronze: Best Engagement Strategy: Illuma Sound of Talent Music Channel on Spotify

Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels said, “We are pleased to be conferred the award. It is a testament to our hard work, dedication and passion to building out a robust mobile advertising platform to best serve our advertisers needs in Hong Kong. Mobile traffic now constitutes the majority of online traffic and continues to dominate usage. We expect this to continue and advertisers’ demand increase but with increased sophistication.”

“We see mobile programmatic, cross device identification, dynamic creative, more robust data sets for precise targeting, as well as geo-location as the next generation of tool sets that will enable advertisers to harness the true power of mobile advertising and Pixels/Gravity4 is excited to work closely with Hong Kong advertisers for the next frontier,” he added.

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