P&G scraps marketing titles within

Procter & Gamble is doing away with marketing titles from its organisation.

From today onwards, marketers at P&G will be known as brand managers, brand directors and associate brand directors.

A spokesperson from P&G has confirmed the change in designations to Marketing adding that the change will also be rolled out in Asia.  The change is in line with P&G reorganisation in which the marketing role comes under “Brand Function”.

The intent is to drive faster, simpler decision making, greater accountability for strategies, plans and results and a more holistic view of communications activities in the marketplace, PR lead Damon Jones told Marketing.

The Brand function at P&G now encompasses brand management; communication; consumer and marketing, communications; and design.

According to an article on AdAge, the move would also yield in greater clarify of responsibilities to make snappier decisions. The change in title is aimed at giving marketers a greater scope in the organisation. The article also sites chief financial officer Jon Moeller saying that much of the brand management in the organisation remains focused regionally. This is to minimize the overlapping of responsibilities in several marketing functions.

Meanwhile media planning and buying duties are said to remain regional.

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