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Travelling to The Peak together

The Peak Tram has launched the micro film “Rendezvous at The Peak” to boost ticket sales to the iconic mode of transport ferrying tourists and Hongkongers to and from The Peak.

The film’s main characters are a family of three, a gentleman and his girlfriend, an old couple and a group of college students who just graduated. With no script or any kind of speech, the video is a kind of silent film accompanied with only music.

“In the micro film, the four groups of people visit The Peak for different reasons,” said Perry Wong, sales and marketing director at Peak Tramways.

“The old couple reminisces about their visit to The Peak in the old days, while the group of young people visit The Peak with their future in mind. The family of three simply came to visit The Peak as a tourist destination while a gentleman proposes to his beloved girlfriend.”

PeakTram2 Peaktram3

Because the Peak Tram aims to get families or groups of friends visiting The Peak together, it comes as no surprise the film associates The Peak with lovey-dovey feelings of friendships, romantic relationships and family.

“The film was produced so the four groups of people did not know one another when they took the tram together at the beginning of the film. In the end, they helped the gentleman proposing to his girlfriend pick up balloons at The Peak piazza and joined him in the engagement celebrations. Their reasons for going to The Peak may be different, but it’s all about love and bonding.”


Also bundled into the campaign, which is supported by magazine adverts, are two online contests running until 30 June.

For the first contest, users are asked to watch the micro film, answer a question and write a short essay about a cherished memory of time spent at The Peak. Participants in the second contest are asked to upload an old photo of themselves and the Peak Tram before 1989.

“Back in 1888, locals would invite their friends and families to The Peak for a gathering, such as a picnic,” Wong said. “A photo taken before 1989 would feature the fourth generation of the Peak Tram whereas we are currently using the fifth-generation tram. Most of these old photos would be printed rather than digital copies and only a little effort would be needed to scan the photos for submission to the contest.”

PeakTram5 PeakTram6

The prize for both contests are two round-trip Peak Tram Sky Passes, with a total of 8,000 passes available, but they are only open to Hong Kong permanent residents.  Each Sky Pass includes a round-trip ticket to The Peak and admissions to the viewing terrace Sky Terrace 428.

Wong said the video was only uploaded onto the Peak Tram website, instead of popular video platforms such as YouTube, because the campaign targeted local Hong Kongers.

“We think it would be better to launch the video on our website first and we will certainly consider putting the micro film on YouTube at a later date,” he said.

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