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Opera Mediaworks launches creative studio Opera House

Opera Mediaworks has launched its new creative studio, Opera House.

Consisting of 60 well-known innovators and mobile marketing experts spread around the world, Opera House will assist brands and agencies in developing mobile solutions in a brand-safe environment.

Global mobile ad spend is expected to touch US$100 billion in 2016, which means it will account for more than half of all digital ad expenditure. As the market reaches new milestones, marketers will be tasked with developing the most innovative and compelling stories that can capture a customer’s attention in seconds.

Examples of the services offered by the creative studio include native video, short-form video and selfie ads that make the most of the mobile device’s native features.

“Opera Mediaworks is committed to helping brands maximize their creative impact — combining the best of art and technology,” Opera Mediaworks’ CMO Will Kassoy said. “Opera House serves as the perfect conduit to combine highly interactive videos and rich-media ad products in the ecosystem, intertwined with precise data-driven audience targeting and the power of storytelling to deliver breakthrough marketing at scale.”

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