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Olay chooses Yuna as its new face

In a bid to engage younger woman in Malaysia, Olay has brought onboard celebrity singer-songwriter, Yunalis Zarai, popularly known as Yuna, as its brand ambassador.

Basing the move an insight from a Asia-wide survey that Asian women in their 20s and 30s view youthful-looking skin as their ideal standard of skin, Olay roped in Yuna in an attempt to help younger women understand skin ageing issues.

P&G could not be reached for more comments at the time of writing.

According to local media reports, Olay has also given its Total Effects product a brand new look to appeal to younger women who have started to experience changes in their skin condition but not taken to any anti-ageing products.

Yuna was also named the brand ambassador for Canon early this year.

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